Welcome! Before submitting your lovely requests, please briefly go through the policy to which this book blog abides by. Thank you!
Acceptable Formats

  • Ebook  Currently not accepting Ebook copies.
  • Galleys Currently not accepting Galley copies.
  • Advanced Reading Copy (physical copies ONLY)
  • Finished Copy (paperback/ hardback)

Where to send Finished (Paperback/ Hardback) copies? 

Have a physical advanced reading copy/ finished copy that you’d like to send me for review? Here’s where to send it:

Elyssa Marie Mesias

P.O. Box 11722

Yigo, Guam 96929

What I prefer to Read
90% of the time my head is in a young adult book. I absolutely enjoy reading them! From dystopians, espionage, adventure, fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, true to life drama and chick-lit, you can definitely bet that I will be more than willing to read it! I am also open to popular contemporary fiction novels, new adult contemporary, adult romance-cy stuff and adult chick- lit.

What I prefer Not to Read
Erotica. Tried it and I could not bear to continue past the 10th page. I also don’t do autobiographies/ biographies/ memoirs. Sorry.

My Style
My reviews shall consist of the title, author, publisher, release date, number of pages, a summary (usually from Goodreads or Amazon), and cover art. My reviews will also include my personal insight on the overall concept of the story and I may touch up on the characters as well, depending on the time.

Feel free to request for a book that is part of a series. However, I will not be able to fulfill the request unless I have read the book(s) prior to the book that is being requested.

I will try to accommodate all book review requests. I apologize ahead of time if I don’t get to yours. However, if you’d really, REALLY want to receive a review for a particular book, please allow 3-4 weeks prior to submitting another request. I will reply to your request once I have picked it up. Once picked up, allow me about 3-5 weeks to read (as I do have a life and mind you, I am a mother) and post the review. If I sincerely felt that the book had deserved less than 2.5 stars, there is no guarantee that I will post a review.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask 🙂 You can use the form below or email me at booksandicedcoffee@gmail.com.

My Rating System

Blog Features

  • Author Directory
  • Blogger Interviews
  • International Giveaways
  • Book Challenges


  • Because I am currently located outside of the continental U.S., all book giveaways will be Kindle editions for now. Giveaways for other editions will be announced promptly.
  • Winners will be contacted and will be required to provide the necessary information for the delivery of their prize.
  • Winners will have 48 hours to respond otherwise, the prize will be given to someone else.
  • The conditions of the prize will not be under my responsibility after I have seen to it that the prize has been sent to the proper recipient in a timely manner.

For any other comments/ questions, please feel free to contact me through here or send me an email at booksandicedcoffee.wordpress.com.


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