Blogger Interview: Metta Diana from Mettadiana

Hello everyone! We have a guest today from Mettadiana’s Book Blog. Please welcome Metta Diana!


Q: What inspired you to start a book blog?
I started blogging since i were in senior high school. But, started to write about book since the holiday of last semester. During those free times and I temporarily have no ability to go outside because of my broken leg, I spent it by reading and browsing some author’s blog/ website to know about their other books. Suddenly, I got an idea to write the review of the books i read as additional activity of the holiday. I wrote it on tumblr at first. I didn’t know that my friend always read those reviews and she told me she likes it. Because of her, I still do the writings but not as frequent as before.



Q: Any advice/ tips to those who would like to start a book blog?
Personally, I’ll searching for some writing tips from you can get it from magazine, your favorite author website, or you can browse it on internet. After that I’ll choose the format of my writings, for example you can put the biography of the author, give some details of the book like its genre, publisher, page information, synopsis, etc. You also can write some other opinions about the book. When you find out that the story isn’t as interesting as you expected, you still have to appreciate the author and add some positive things about the book. Because to make a story is not that easy. A good writing comes from a good intention.



Q: Favorite book (include author)?
The Mortal Instruments ( Cassandra Clare)
Vampire Academy (Richelle Mead)
Harry Potter ( J.K. Rowling)
Hush Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick). Actually I have more than these of favorite books ☺


Q: Favorite genre?
I’d love to read Fantasy, Young Adult, and Romance. But sometimes I read nonfiction books, too.


Q: Favorite drink?
Greentea Milk and any kind of fruit juice


Q: Favorite candy?
I always love to eat fruit-tella


There you have it folks Metta Diana 🙂


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