Blogger Interview: Beckie from Bittersweet Enchantment

Hey everyone! We have a special guest today 🙂 May I introduce Beckie from Bittersweet Enchantment!

What got you inspired to start a blog?
Great question! Reading has always been my passion. Even when I was little I always had my nose stuck in a book. Now as an adult reading still plays a big role in my life. One day back in early 2010 I wanted to find out more info about a certain series *cough*TWILIGHT*cough* a girl told me about while browsing one of my local bookstore before buying and reading it. So while browsing the Internet I came across this thing called a “blog”. A blog all about books and reading. “How awesome is that?” was my first thought. Weeks went by and after visiting more and more book blogs, getting reading recommendations, and entering a few giveaways I thought, “Hey! I want to own a book blog”.”I can totally see myself doing one of these”, and so I did, as you can see. hehe! Bittersweet Enchantment became my baby. With a lot of hard work and dedication my blog grew, and grew. Now not only do I adore reading more than ever, I enjoy sharing my love for it books with blog my readers.
What is your life like outside of blogging?
Any advice/ tips to those who would like to start a book blog?
Yes, NEVER. GIVE. UP! You don’t know how many times I have wanted to give up because I felt my blog was not good enough or my page views were low. It takes time and a WHOLE lot of patience to develop a following and get your blog out there. Social media, doing book memes, and thoughtful reviews are all helpful. Also, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Also, never compare yourself to other blogger. Your book blog IS special too and soon other will see that too. Also, another word of advice. Be pro-active. Don’t be afraid to contact authors or publishers about ARC’s or hosting events on your blog.. The worse they can say is no but you’ll never know unless you ask. Last but not least, make friends, contact some of your favorite bloggers and let them know how much you enjoy their blog. You know never what may come of it. 🙂
Book(s) (include Author)?
Favorite genre?
Favorite drink?
Favorite candy?
Want to know what got her into reading? Find out here!  🙂
There you have it folks! Thank you so much Beckie! Please visit her super awesome blog by clicking on her blog button above 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Beckie from Bittersweet Enchantment

    • Thank you for letting me interview you 🙂 It was really fun And your story is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

      Oh yes, if you’re looking for a reading challenge for the new year, I’ve finally opened sign-ups for mine 🙂

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