Author Interview: J.D. Kirkland

Hello everybody! Please welcome J.D. Kirkland, author of The Guardian Society! 


What inspired you to be a writer? Any person or event?
Were you working on The Guardian Society as a college student? If so, how did you find time to balance college work and writing your novel?
Did you ever consider any other careers? If so, what?
How did you come up with the idea of The Guardian Society?
 Mylo Elizabeth Rinnwuld. For a long time I’d been writing female characters who were just perfect, beautiful people, who had no problems in the world. I wanted Mylo to have problems, but she couldn’t have too many problems because then she’d just be a tragic protagonist. And I didn’t want her to be like every other beautiful female. I’d read something somewhere about red heads and freckles and Mylo Rinnwuld was born. But she had to have something to hold her up: Sean. I just didn’t know where Sean would come from. In the first versions he was described as just an orphan, living in like a boarding house kind of place. I thought what if he didn’t have a choice but to be at that place. And what if he didn’t have a choice but to look after Mylo, like he was her guardian angel or something? So I started writing that and it all seemed to just fall into place as I wrote. 
How did you come up with the title? Were there any other possibilities?
Were the characters inspired by people you know?
Are there any other genres that you might consider writing?
Favorite food/ drink/ movie?
Anything you would like to mention?

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