So I have the most exciting news!!! I have spontaneously decided to move this precious blog to self-hosted WordPress. Yes! You heard it! Books and Iced Coffee will no longer be under a WordPress subdomain, it will now be it’s own website! I’m so excited!!! I came across Ashley from Nose Graze who just started her own hosting service and I decided to go with her since she offered free transfers for existing blogs to the first 30 customers 😀 It was a $30- value service that I got absolutely free 😀 I was instantaneously satisfied with my decision to move to a self- hosted blog because not only did I receive great service but Ashley is making the move really easy for me. will be moving on March 23,2014 to!!! Books and Iced Coffee will also be getting a new facelift. So yeah- let’s see how that goes!

I’m soooo happy that this is finally taking place. I hope you all will continue to visit my blog and check out all the things that I have for you. Thanks guys!!!


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