Book Review: Unravel Me By Tahereh Mafi

13104080Title: Unravel Me

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Series #: Book 2 of the Shatter Me Trilogy

Date Published/ Publisher : February 5, 2013 By HarperCollins

Source: Purchased

# of Pages: 461

Summary: (Goodreads)

Our lips
and I know I’m going to split at the seams. He kisses me softly then strongly like he’s lost me and he’s found me and I’m slipping away and he’s never going to let me go.

Juliette has escaped from The Reestablishment. Now she’s free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch. Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible. Haunted by her past and terrified of her future, Juliette knows that she will have to make some life-changing choices. Choices that may involve choosing between her heart—and Adam’s life.



My Thoughts

This was a pretty interesting installment to the series. It had a lot of excitement in every page, it’s crazy! The plot definitely picks up a lot more in this installment, as expected and as always, Tahereh Mafi’s writing is just FABULOUS! She didn’t use a bajillion metaphors in this book when comparing it to the first so that reduced a couple of aca-awkward lines which was a good thing. Most importantly, I really expected more of the character development to go on in this book and that is exactly what I got, in terms of world building however, not exactly up to my tastes…yet.

This book had really, really made me fall in love with it’s characters. Seriously!!! I love the direction that Tahereh Mafi has taken a lot of these characters. They mess with my feels in every page. My favorite character thus far would have to be ehm, Warner. Why? Because he’s just so- you must read the series in order for you to understand. He gets a lot of exposure in this book so I really got to know him well 😉 As you can probably tell, I’m definitely Team Warner haha! Sorry Adam! I do expect to see more of Warner in the next, and FINAL installment to the trilogy.

When it comes to the Juliette character, I thought that she was doing pretty well as a character in the beginning (being as strong as she could etc.). But I feel that as the book continued on, she started to regress, which really bummed me out. I really wanted her to turn out to be one of those strong heroines. I still have hopes for her in the next book 😀

Overall, this book is absolutely ah-mazing! It’s such a fun ride and definitely kept me at the edge of my seat. The only problem that I had with this book was the world building. I still have a difficult time creating a clear picture of what this world looks like through the words of the author. I still do have hope that it will improve in the third book.  Whoot-whoot! Off to the next book!

My Rating:

BIC Rating System4

Would I recommend this Book?: YES!



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