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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme originally hosted by The Broke and Bookish that spotlights out Top Ten books and other bookish things. This week will feature:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in Romance


#10 Twilight By Stephanie Meyer


This book has definitely made this list because, not only did it get me through a horrible reading slump back in high school, but it really got me swooning over Edward Cullen. Without the movie in mind and completely focusing on the novel itself, I enjoyed reading this book. It made me smile and giggle on numerous occasions and at some point, made me wish I had some hot romance with a vampire 😀

#9 Fallen Series By Lauren Kate


While Twilight made me wish I had a vampire boyfriend, Fallen made me wish I had an angel boy-toy. This was one summer read (yes, I read this book during the summer) that I could not ever forget. I’m definitely Team Daniel on this one just because I remember how he made me blush that one summer.

#8 The Mara Dyer Series By Michelle Hodkin


I love NOAH! I absolutely love that guy! I love how he was there for Mara the entire way and I really have no idea why, but I enjoyed their little romance. I enjoyed reading about them and their little steamy escapades in his bedroom 😀 I’m looking forward to what happens between them in The Retribution of Mara Dyer.

#7 The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks


Like A Walk to Remember, The Notebook captured all of our hearts! This was also a splendid tear- jerker!

#6 A Walk to Remember By Nicholas Sparks


Book. Movie. I don’t care, this book made me fall in love. Despite the tragedy at the end of the novel, I fell in love with Landon. He’s like your stubborn bad boy who really does have a heart. *sigh*In addition to that, I always thought that they did a marvelous job in casting Shane West as Landon.

#5 The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Clare


Man, where do I even begin with this romance?! If you have not read the book, do not panic, no spoilers here. However, I will say that the romance in this series is definitely like no other. It will play with a lot of your feels and may possibly crush your soul!!! That is all.

#4 Fall from Grace By Christine Zolendz


Woo boy, if you have not read this book I highly suggest you grab a copy right after reading this post! This is an NA novel that will totally get your juices flowing. No.Lie. This book is a definite must- read for fans of paranormal-angel- romance. This is like Fallen but on an even higher level. The romance was pretty hot and steamy, it’s crazy. Annnnndddd did I forget to mention that there are rockstars in this novel?! A hot, lean rockstar whose voice will take you to the moon and back!

#3 Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell


This has the cute and innocent kind of romance. The way Levi was with Cather is something that a lot of girls wish they could receive from their first time loves. Plus, this kind of reminded me of the first time my boyfriend and I had started dating. He read a lot of my Harry Potter Fan Fictions and although he’d tease me, he was always my biggest supporter and number one reader 😀

#2 Shatter Me Series By Tahereh Mafi


Complicated male characters with really, really, strong affections for the female protagonist. Check. Seriously! The feels that this books stirs up with every page is completely indescribable. I look forward to reading more and more of these characters after every chapter because they are that ah-mazing!

And the #1 spot goes to…

#1 Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas


Love triangles. Check! If there is one thing that I am a huge sucker for in the romance department, it would have to be love triangles. But the love triangle in this book was not the “Ima-rip-your-lungs-out” but the “-we’ll-see-who-she-chooses” kind of thing and I like that. Know what I mean? The guys aren’t physically fighting for her-yet- but are laying out her cards and allowing her to choose on her own. And this makes it so complicated for me to choose who’s team I’ll be in because both guys are just so nice, protective and supportive. *sigh* decisions, decisions.

And that is my Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in Romance 😀

What are your favorites?


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