Coffee Shop Musings: My Bookshelf


Coffee Shop Musings is a spin- off of Musings Monday that is originally hosted by Should Be Reading. This weekly feature spotlights occasionally bookish topics. This week’s topic is:

My Bookshelf


So for the first time in forever I’d love to share my book collection with you guys 😀 I will be showing you pictures for now (maybe someday, I’ll do a bookshelf tour vlog). Most of the books that I own, ebooks included, were either purchased or given to me as a present or were sent from publishers/ authors themselves in exchange for a review 😀 At the end of this article, I shall reveal the total number of physical copies that I currently own. Here we go!

Bookshelf #1

photo 1 photo 2 (1)


photo 3

My books are usually grouped by genre aside from my favorite series (Harry Potter) and other TBR books are usually placed in my study area 😀 I started my collection since I was in high school, and since then there have been books that I’ve bought, books that I’ve sold, and books that I lent out and never got it back 😦 So I have a total of…

290 physical copies!!!!

There you have it folks an inside look on what my bookshelf looks like 😀 

What does your bookshelf look like and how many physical copies do you own? 


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