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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme originally hosted by The Broke and Bookish that spotlights out Top Ten books and other bookish things. This week will feature:

Top Ten Authors I’ve Never Read


#10 Neal Schusterman


I have heard nothing but awesome things about Neal Schusterman. I heard that he is one heck of a story teller. I currently own Unwind, which has been on my TBR pile for about a month now. I really, really hope that I will get to it soon 😀






#9 Libba Bray


Bloggers and book tubers are always raving about at least one of her books and have nothing but exciting things to say about her stories. I really can’t wait to read one of her books. I currently own The Diviners and A Great and Terrible Beauty. I hope to get to them soon. I would also want to read Beauty Queens. It just sounds so intriguing to me and with what people say about it, entertaining. 




#8 Kami Garcia


I have heard mixed reviews about some of Kami Garcia’s book, particularly Beautiful Creatures. Maybe that’s why I kept putting off reading her books and plus I have already seen the movie, which I enjoyed. Nevertheless, I’m still interested in reading her books. I currently have Beautiful Creatures which I borrowed from the library. I’m hoping to read a few chapters from it and if I do like it, I will pick up my own copy 😀







#7 Lauren DeStefano


I own the entire Chemical Gardens Trilogy but I have not gotten around to reading it. Well technically it’s my sister’s copies but the books are currently residing on my bookshelf in my room. I hope to get to this trilogy as well, but probably not anytime soon.





#6 Cinda Williams Chima


I have been into fantasy lately and just recently, I purchased a copy of The Demon King and my fiancé gave me a copy of The Warrior Heir, two of Ms. Chima’s books. I am so looking forward to reading them. I’m planning to read them this month! I am so excited!







#5 Maria V. Snyder


I have heard so many amazing things about Poison study that I just had to grab a copy for myself. I went on amazon and placed an order for Poison Study. It should be arriving in a couple of days. I can’t wait to read it. I know, I know it’s about dang time!







#4 Rick Riordan


I know, I know… how can you not have read the Percy Jackson series?! I hope to get to the Percy Jackson series sometime this year. I have heard so many positive things about the series. I saw the movies though and they were pretty interesting; although some people say that the movie plots deviated from the book plot.






#3 Veronica Roth


Yes! I swear, I’ll be getting to reading her works soon since Divergent will be coming out this month. My brother had actually introduced me to Divergent two ago but I never got around to it… i don’t know why. But better late than never right?! 




#2 Stephanie Perkins



I have heard nothing but awesome things about Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. So I really can’t wait to get to those. These are two of the most over- hyped books on both the blogging world and on book tube. It’s cray! I know that there’s a third book that will be coming out soon so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.






#1 Brandon Sanderson 


I have been itching to read The Rithmatist since I’ve heard about it on Peruse Project! I heard that Brandon Sanderson is a fantastic fantasy author and storyteller. I just can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of any of his works., particularly The Mistborn Trilogy and/or The Rithmatist 😀 










Those are my Top Ten Authors that I have not read.

Who’s on your Top Ten this week?


5 thoughts on “Top Ten (5)

  1. Brandon Sanderson is a pretty good author. I highly suggest “Way of Kings” if you’re interested in epic fantasy. As far as epics go, it’s one of the most original I’ve ever encountered.

  2. I recently got into Sanderson’s novels and they’re pretty rad! I hope you get to read Divergent prior to watching the movie since they left out some aspects in the adaptation.

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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