Coffee Shop Musings: Spoilers!


Coffee Shop Musings is a spin- off of Musings Monday that is originally hosted by Should Be Reading. This weekly feature spotlights occasionally bookish topics. This week’s topic is:



Ah! Spoilers… yeah, I do not like those. I do not like them at all. So in all sense I do my best to avoid ’em especially when it comes to over-hyped book series that I am currently reading. However, things get more complicated especially when it comes to talking about books with other bookish people. Even as a book blogger, I sometimes have to stop myself from revealing info on books that others haven’t read yet. So in this segment of Coffee Shop Musings I will address a couple of things when it comes to bookish spoilers.

When is it OK to talk about spoilers?

Personally, I try as much as possible to keep myself from revealing anything when it comes to talking about books that my friends haven’t read. But when I find myself about to spoil something, I let them know ahead of time and hopefully get feedback on whether or not they want to hear it. When they do not mind it, then so be it. I’ll talk about it as long as I want, and if they do not want to hear it, then that’s ok with me as well. That’s just how I like to approach the whole spoilers situation.

Is it ever OK to talk about spoilers from books that have been around for the longest time?

This is a complicated matter to me honestly because I’m really afraid of upsetting people who have not read a particular book that’s been around for ages and I accidentally blabbed about it. Like  we all know that Dumbeldore dies, we all know that Romeo and Juliet dies in the end, so when is it ever ok to talk about spoilers from books that has been published a long time ago?! I would take the safer route by referring back to the question above 😀 Let the person know ahead of time or ask their permission to talk about certain information on books that they have not read yet. Better safe than sorry 😀

Reaction when I have been spoiled.

I’m not the type of person that would react negatively to being spoiled. I will most likely react to what the spoiler was about. Like if the spoiler was not what I expected that would happen, I’d be like “whaaatttt?!”, or if an unexpected character that died etc. I really negatively react to being spoiled. I don’t throw a fit. I don’t beat people up. I don’t cry because I was spoiled. I just go with it. However, if I strictly don’t want to be spoiled by anything (like how the Divergent Trilogy ends for example), I simply avoid any situation that may lead to me being spoiled. For example, if the person that I’m talking to is rambling about a particular with a particular spoiler that I’m trying to avoid, I just let the person know that I would want to find out myself. If the bloody spoiler is all over the internet, I avoid searching it! Simple as that. 


As horrible as they are, as avid readers we shouldn’t allow a simple spoiler to keep us from enjoying a good book. That bit of information shouldn’t be enough to ruin the entire book. So let’s all keep calm and carry on reading. 

What’s your input on spoilers?


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