Coffee Shop Musings: Bookish Pet Peeves


Coffee Shop Musings is a spin- off of Musings Monday that is originally hosted by Should Be Reading. This weekly feature spotlights occasionally bookish topics. This week’s topic is:

Bookish Pet Peeves 


The following are a couple of bookish pet peeves of physical book copies that totally irks me out. Now, some of them may bother other people as well and some of them may not. This is all based on my preferences, personal opinions and OCB (Obsessive, Compulsive, & Bookish) habits. OK here we go! 

Book Cover Changes. YES! Book cover changes has to be the first on this list. If there is one thing that will instantly infuriate me, it will have to be cook cover changes. I love to collect books just as much as I love reading them and I love it when all my covers match! Oh oh oh what kills me the most is, when the cover of the FINAL book in a series changes! Ugh! That suuuuucks so much! When you have collected all 10 books in the series and the 11th and final book in the series goes through a cover change… *BOOM* all the rage of the world goes through you!


Different Book Height. There is a reason why I like purchasing an entire series in either paperback or hardcover, and never a mix, is because I want my books to be uniform in height. But even for some series, hardcovers and paperbacks come in different sizes. WHY IS THAT?!  Take the Mortal Instruments for example. The first 3 paperback books, City of Bones, Ashes and Glass, were released in a standard paperback size. Next things I know, City of Fallen Angels and Lost Souls were released in even taller paperback sized books. What the heck…What. The. Heck! Same goes for hardcovers! There should be a standard size for paperbacks and hardcovers. Or if they must have different heights, all I ask is to please release the series in similar height! 


Scratches, Dents, Writing and Highlights on Books. Now it upsets me when the last copy of the book that I’m looking to buy is the last copy on the shelf has a tear or a fold on it’s spine or cover orrr when I order a book online, paid full price for it, waited for 21 days for it to arrive, only to see that it’s damaged really makes me sad. In addition to that, there would be times that I would lend my books out to friends in perfect condition, only to have it returned with writings, highlights, folds and tears within the pages and it just brings me to tears… See, I take really good care of my books and I try to keep them in as perfect condition as I could and I only ask the same from the people I lend my books to and the places I get them from. Cuz otherwise, I might go all like…



Those are some of my bookish pet peeves 😀 Yes, I know. I am crazy and pretty anal when it comes to collecting books. But hey, what can I say?! I love books and I like having a pretty collection. I try to avoid these pet peeves as much as possible and if I can’t welllll, I usually deal with it and hope for the best. 

What are your bookish pet peeves? 


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