Friday Favorites (4)

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Hey Everyone and welcome to Friday Favorites! This is a weekly meme hosted by Tressa’s Wishful Endings that spotlights a favorite author, book, series, publisher, cover, blog etc. Basically, anything and everything bookish to show some love, recommend and want to tell others about.

This week’s Friday Favorite is

Read- A- Longs


So as I was browsing through the many YA based groups on Goodreads, I stumbled upon a thread that was entitles “Read-A- Long”. I came upon the same bookish topic on BookTube as well. I finally caved into my curiosity and decided to check ’em out. This is what I found out. 

A Read- A-Long is synonymous to a book club. It is when a group of friends get together to choose one book to read for a specific amount of time and either have a weekly discussion for a couple of chapters or have a ginormous discussion on the entire book after reading it. I thought it was so cool! Because not only do you finally get to books on your TBR pile, but you also get to make more bookish friends and get a better input to what they thought of the book and basically talk about books endlessly with people who share the same passion. I mean, what can get any better than that?! 

So in light of that, I thought that maybe I can start something like that and everyone who follows my blog would always be welcome to join. I currently have something brewing behind the scenes. I don’t want to spoil anything yet, but you guys will know ahead of time 😀 Annnnnndddddd!!! I will be collaborating/ co- hosting with a fellow book blogger 😀 YAY! So I will let you guys know ahead of time and hopefully you guys can join us 😀 

Are you currently participating in a Read- A-Long? If so, let me know down below so I can check them out! 


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