Top Ten (3)


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme originally hosted by The Broke and Bookish that spotlights out Top Ten books and other bookish things. This week will feature:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being a Blogger/ Reader


# 10 Keeps me occupied. The first (not necessarily the top 1) reason why I love blogging and reading is because it keeps me occupied during those long summer nights. Blogging is a lot more new to me and to this day I am so glad that I started Books and Iced Coffee. It has saved me from thousands of hours of boredom and apart from that, I felt more productive after completing every book and every blog entry.

# 9 Sense of Adventure. Reading books fulfills my sense of adventure, like a lot. I live on a pretty small island and even though it is pretty well- developed, there is still a limit to the things that you can do on island. So as you can see, reading and blogging comes in pretty handy during those times when I crave for an adventure, which is most of the time 😀

#8 Stories and Characters. I love reading because I love diving into new worlds because not all worlds are the same. Like in the world of the paranormal, witches, wizards and necromancers are different in the Harry Potter world, the Mortal Instruments world and in The Lord of the Rings world. I absolutely love reading all the stories within them, especially the characters! I love reading about the characters, who they are, what they do, who they fall in love with, who the heroine is, who the villain is, who dies and who lives. I love ’em as one cannot live (exist in this case) without the other.

7.  Improves my reading skills.  Yes, one of the main reasons why I love reading is because of my need to consistently improve on my reading skills. Whether it’s to improve on picking up more information as I speed read or retaining more information or expanding my vocabulary. Either way I’ll always find something to improve on as I read.

#6 Creativity. If there’s one thing I love about blogging, it would have to be designing and creating graphics. When creating this blog, I spent countless of hours in deciding what theme should be used, creating my signature, banners, buttons and pages. I loved it and this is something that I’m always looking forward to when it comes to blogging- looking for an opportunity to create and design.

# 5 Improves my writing skills. Just like how reading helps me improve my reading skills, I blog to improve my writing skills. I didn’t exactly major in English so I feel like there’s still a lot of areas that need improvement and I feel like writing more through blogging would help me in those areas.

# 4 Trying out new online stuff. Prior to blogging, there were a few things that I never thought of doing such as emailing publishers, being contacted by authors and other book bloggers and readers among many others. After I had started blogging, I began to have sun in so many ways that involved a personal hobby and it is definitely something that I could see myself doing in the long run 😀

# 3 Booktube! I love Booktube! I have met so many incredible people through Booktube and I have also discovered so many great authors and books through them. Each Booktuber, so they are called, have their own sense of style that is clearly reflected through their videos. In addition to that, their individual personalities make each video different from the next and are just so enjoyable to watch. Oh and did I mention the book hauls and bookshelves?! Man, I am taken aback by how avid book readers own sooooooo many books!!! I’m serious! Go to youtube, check out a booktuber’s challenge and watch their bookshelf tour! Some of them own, especially the popular booktubers, own massive bookshelves! And I mean massive! Not only that, some people have massive book hauls. And I’m not talking about 5-6 books, I’m talking about 12, 20, or even 50 books introduced in a single book haul! Don’t believe me, check out YouTube…right now! To help you get started, check out my previous Friday Favorite post here.

# 2 Meeting new people. Since I started Books and Iced Coffee I have met so many great people from across the country and the world! I have met bloggers. vloggers, authors and publishers and they were all so nice and s friendly! One of the best things about meeting new people besides gaining new friends, I got a lot of awesome tips and advice on blogging and awesome book recommendations from people who have the same interest as me in YA book genres.

# 1 I just love Reading and Writing!  My love for reading and having the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about a particular book brings me so much joy and satisfaction. To this day I continue to questions why it took me so long to discover the world of book blogging. I mean, I love reading and I love writing and I’m almost always online *sighs* I just don’t know why I never put three and three together until now. But I’m here now and I can see myself blogging for years to come 😉 

That’s it for me on this week’s Top Ten Tuesday 😀 

Are you a blogger / reader? Let me know why you love doing what you’re doing down below 😀 



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