Friday Favorites (2)

Friday Favorites 01

Hey Everyone and welcome to Friday Favorites! This is a weekly meme hosted by Tressa’s Wishful Endings that spotlights a favorite author, book, series, publisher, cover, blog etc. Basically, anything and everything bookish to show some love, recommend and want to tell others about.

This week’s Friday Favorite is


Ok so this week I would like to introduce you to the world of Booktube as well as to some of the booktubers :D. These booktubers are so fun to watch as they all have their own personalities and they talk about a lot of interesting books and bookish- related stuff 😀  I provided a video from their channel that you guys should definitely check out! I provided a link to their channel as well 😀 OK so here we go!

The first booktuber that I would like to introduce you guys to is Regan! She’s the first booktuber that I discovered on and after watching her book haul video, which is the first video of hers that I saw, I was instantaneously hooked on booktube. She likes to read a lot of fantasy novels. She was actually the first booktuber I found that had mentioned how awesome the Throne of Glass was, after that I just had to get it!

Regan @ PeruseProject

The second booktuber that I would like to introduce to you guys is Jesse from JessetheReader! I absolutely enjoy his wrap up videos and other discussion videos.

Jesse @ jessethereader

The third booktuber that I would like to introduce is Kat from Katytastic! Now she has an amazing collection of books and I love how shes always super enthusiastic (of course, all of them are!) about the books that she has read. Like Jesse and Regan, I appreciate their detailed insight on all the books that they have read as well as the ones that they are looking forward to read.

Kat @ Katytastic

The fourth booktuber I would like to introduce you guys to is Cat from Little Book Owl! She too has gives awesome summaries and detailed insights to the books that she has read 😀 She also does fantastic videos on numerous bookish topics such as cover changes, top books of the year etc.

Cat @ Little Book Owl

And the last booktuber that I would like to introduce you to is Priscilla from The Readables! I absolutely adore her vids! She creates the most awesome vids with really animations!

Priscilla @ The Readables

I hope you guys have an awesome time going through their channels. They are all so much fun to watch, of course there are a lot more booktubers out there, I would list them all if I could. A lot of them are very enthusiastic with all the bookish things they do and are very informative when it comes to numerous bookish- related topics 😀

Let me know what you think down below!!!

Happy Friday!!!


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