Coffee Shop Musings: Beginning a Book Blog.


I have been an avid reader for the longest time. I find relaxation in reading. I… just love it! During grad school, I would always and I mean ALWAYS participated in read-a -thons and excelled in reading assignments. I would always place a book order and get all excited when the books had finally arrived!!! (Remember those? School books orders are kinds like pre-historic Amazon, the book depository and B&N, LOL). Yes, I was in love with reading. I love the adventure, the action, the romance, meeting new characters and reading about what they go through and how they crack cases and catch the bad guy. I am also in love with collecting books (which I do read). I love seeing new books on my shelves and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I finally collect all the books in a series. I think the first series that I completed was the Boxcar Children, then the Baby- sitters Club 😀

It was when I was in middle school that the Harry Potter movie series was released in theaters that I had discovered another passion, writing. Before my discovery I honestly dreaded writing essay assignments. But when it came to writing my own stuff like *ehem* fan fiction, I could write all day. Yes, I used to write fan fiction though I get back on it from time to time. I first started writing Harry Potter fan fiction… actually, that was the only type of fan fiction that I ever wrote because of my continuous obsession of it. Thank you J.K. Rowling!!! I wrote about so many characters from Harry to the Weasley Twins to the Marauders. Most of them were romance novellas, some were one- shot stories. Yes, Harry Potter honed my writing and it was when I was in high school that I had found out about blogging. I attempted to start several blogs, most of them were fashion blogs but it never really got anywhere. Then I came across Katie’s Book Blog and I absolutely fell in love with the idea. (Until this day I could never figure out why I never put two of my greatest passions together and make a whole new hobby on it own, at least I got around to it :D).

And that’s how Books and Iced Coffee was born!


To my fellow book bloggers or even those who are considering a book blog of their own, what made you decide to start one? 


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