Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely week! I just wanted to make a couple of announcements to get you guys updated with everything here at Books and Iced Coffee.


Announcement #1:

So fist off, as you all may have noticed that Books and Iced Coffee has a new face 🙂 Yep! I was playing around with photoshop just a couple of minutes ago and I came up with a banner and a matching blog button.


Here’s the new Banner (posted above):

Blog Banner


And here is the matching blog button:

Blog Button



I hope you guys like ’em. I sure do 🙂 If you’d like to grab my blog button, please scroll through the sidebar for the proper linkage.


Announcement #2:

I’ve added a new extra feature called




It’s an entire page dedicate to the books on my wishlist (like that wasn’t obvious :)). I would like to invite my fellow bloggers to feature Reading Wishlist on their sites/ blogs. Now remember, Reading Wishlist isn’t a weekly type of feature. It’s a permanent page dedicated to the books that you would like to own. Who knows, maybe someone (a family, friend, fellow blogger, publisher, or author) may give you a book on your wishlist :). Feel free to use the feature button on your site. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link box so you will have to re-host the image (also, created by yours truly).


Announcement #3:

Lastly, I have finally updated the challenge page as well as the blogger interview directory. So feel free to check them out 🙂 I am still working on the last three giveaways page so I apologize for the delay. I will be contacting the participants soon for giveaway #1 so make sure those lists are updated because I will be checking 🙂


That’s all for now. I hope you guys enjoy the new features to Books and Iced Coffee 🙂


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