Wrap Up Week [Dec 2013]+ Books and Iced Coffee: Goals for 2014!!!

Wrap- up Week for December 2013

Hello everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and in welcoming the new year 🙂 Yay!!! I can’t believe that it’s finally 2014! How exciting is that?! A new year means a new set of goals and resolutions and that is what this post will be mainly about 🙂 But before we get to my plans and goals for Books and Iced Coffee in 2014, I would like to wrap up everything on this month.

Books that I reviewed this month:

Leif ( Book 2.5 of the Existence Trilogy) By Abbi Glines

Ceaseless (Book 3 of the Existence Trilogy) By Abbi Glines

Fall from Grace (Book 1 of the Mad World Series) By Christine Zolendz 

The Guardian Society By J.D. Kirkland

Saving Grace (Book 2 of the Mad World Series) By Christine Zolendz

I also had the opportunity to interview 2 very awesome authors:

J.D. Kirkland (author of The Guardian Society) 

Christine Zolendz (author of the Mad World Series) 

Again thank you so much to the authors for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for Books and Iced Coffee 🙂 They were both such a pleasure to work with! Check out their amazing stories! If I enjoyed them, you might too :). 

Coming up next…

If you didn’t catch my previous announcement, I’m going to be a little bit busy (…again) as I am preparing to take an exam that may launch my career as a nurse. So in light of that, the weekly features on Books and Iced Coffee shall resume on the first week of February, everything else will continue.  Also, I receive notifications from the blog site as well as from my email through my phone, so if you need to contact me please feel free to. 

Books I plan to Read: 

The Fault in Our Stars By John Green

Immortal Beloved By Cate Tiernan

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

Books I plan to Re-read:

Private by Kate Brian

Yep! Those are the books that I plan on reading for this month. And yes, I plan to re- read my copy of Private, written by Kate Brian! Why? Because I can and I remember it being such an awesome book. Plus, I really, really, REALLY want to continue on with the series. I saw and purchased the next two books of the series on Amazon and I absolutely can’t wait to get started (I will post another Book Haul when those books arrive :)). 

Before I end this Wrap- up week post, I’d like to remind everybody that the Everything YA book challenge has now begun so all the books that you’ve read now til December 31st can be counted towards the challenge as long as the book meets the challenge’s criteria :). So please don’t forget to update those lists! 


Books and Iced Coffee: Goals/ Resolutions for 2014

Ah Jaunary, marks the start of a new year, a clean slate and a new set of goals! For this year on all things books and iced coffee, I have set these goals for the year:

  • Read more books. As you can probably tell through my review page, I haven’t been doing that much reading on the side. I don’t mean to make excuses but it was due to my hectic schedule of my senior year in nursing school. On top of final projects and rotations, I was busy with preparing for graduation and of course, the birth of my daughter. So can you really blame me? Haha. Anyways, I plan to increase the number of books read in a year. I already have a “few” books on my TBR pile to start me off.
  • Remain consistent in updating Books and Iced Coffee. If there is one thing that I don’t want to happen with this blog is putting off posts. I would really love to remain consistent with the weekly and monthly posts that I have set for this blog. Honestly speaking, I’ve already been inconsistent with it but now that it’s a new year, I hope to be better at posting up weekly features when it comes back up in February. 
  • Establish a wider network. Since the start of this blog, I met so many YA book bloggers and YA authors. They are all such amazing people with so many things to offer the world. They inspire me everyday to become a better blogger and the authors I’ve met have inspired me to work on being an author (yep! I’ve always wanted to be an author! The most I’ve ever written though were Harry Potter Fan Fictions haha). Through this blog, I hope I will continue to meet more YA bloggers and authors 🙂
  • Keep up with challenges. As you all might know, I am currently hosting Books and Iced Coffee’s first reading challenge, the Everything YA Reading challenge. On top of that, I myself have joined in on other challenges as well. I absolutely hope that I can keep up with all of them.

So those are my goals for the year. Gah! I really hope that I can fulfill them all this year. Before ending this post, I would like to thank you all for supporting Books and Iced Coffee Book Blog. It wouldn’t have gone so far without your support. I look forward to interacting more with you all! 

What are your goals/ resolutions for 2014? 

Happy Reading!!!

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