Book Review: Saving Grace by Christine Zolendz

16070072Title: Saving Grace [Kindle Edition]

Author: Christine Zolendz

# in Series: Book 2 of the Mad World Series

Published Date: October 5 , 2012

Publisher: DarkRoadDesigns

# of Pages: 245


After spending over 2,000 years being a lost soul looking for the angel I was forbidden to fall in love with, I finally found him. Lucky for me he has taken up residence inside the hot body of NYC’s local bad boy, tattooed rock star, Shane Maxton. Turns out, not only is he absolutely perfect, so is the whole Grace Taylor life that I’m stuck in. The only problem is Gabriel. An archangel who wants me all to himself so he kind of kidnaps me. Now I have to find my way back and hope everything works out…

I can’t believe that I’m done with this book! I honestly didn’t want it to end! I wanted the story to continue on but alas, Grace and Shane had finally found their peaceful happy ending :). And I’m glad (but c’mon with stories like these, do you really think that they wouldn’t end up with each other?!). Overall, this was such an amazing series. Christine Zolendz did a wonderful job with the plot development as well as the character development. I completely fell in love with both Grace and Shane as they interacted throughout the book. The sarcasm was hilarious, the drama was so emotional and the attraction was unbearable! I made my boyfriend read a very heated part of the story between Shane and Grace, his insides went crazy as well ;). Haha! Grace’s inner monologue changed in this book and I don’t mean it in a bad way because the girl had finally found The ONE that she had searched for over the past 2,000 years! I love it! The ending was pretty intense; it definitely kept me at the edge of my seat! I would definitely put this on my re-read list!

My Rating:

BIC Rating System5

Would I recommend this Book?: YES!



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