Macchiato Monday’s Manly Male Character of the Week!

Hello guys and welcome to another segment of Macchiato Monday’s Manly Male Character of the Week! Today’s feature highlights  (as you guessed it) the manliest of all manly YA male fiction character of the week :) Each time we engage in a book or two, some of us, engaging in more books than others, and once in awhile, there’s just that one male character that just steals our hearts away! Whether he’s that kind- hearted Jock, the best friend that’s always there, the rock star who isn’t what people say he is, that enticing vampire with a soul, or Death himself. There’s just something about these guys that attracts us and we honestly can’t help it. So without further ado, let’s meet our Manly- Male Character of the week!

This week’s Manly- Male Character is…


Alex Rider from the Alex Rider series!!! 

This guy is like the epitome of all those manly in the YA espionage genre! Alex Rider is like the YA version of James Bond! I have never read a character like him. I mean c’mon, the guy is fluent in many languages, he engages in adrenaline pumping sports and activities, and this guy can TKA (totally kick ass) as he’s well trained in several martial arts. Need I mention that he’s done and mastered all this at a very young age. Yep, he is living quite an exciting life, from his love life to his spy life, he’s living each day like it was his last. Now for those of you who had read the books, you’d know how exciting and on- the- edge he is. He can be very spontaneous too (that probably comes with the whole spy package). His missions take him to various places in the world and gets to meet a lot of people as well; young, old, male, female, good and bad. But of course, nothing matters to him most than being at home with the people that care about him. 

Here are two of my favorite lines from Stormbreaker, the first installment to the Alex Rider series:

“He had followed the trail left by a dead man. It was only now that he realized it might lead only to a grave.” 

“In the old days, spies had done they’d done because they loved their country, because they believed in what they were doing. But he’d never been given a choice. Nowadays, spies weren’t employed. They were used.”

There you have it folks! Alex Rider from Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series! Thanks for checking out this week’s segment of Macchiato Monday. Check in every Monday for the week’s manly- male character of the week!

Interested in Stormbreaker? Still debating whether or not you should grab a copy? Check out my reviews on the book to help you decide 🙂 


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