Kindle Book Sale!!!

Hey everybody! Looking for a gift for that special avid reader in your life? Then look no further!

Check out J.D. Kirkland’s latest release, The Guardian Society!


The Guardian Society is now on sale for this holiday season for a super awesome price of $2.99 [at the time of posting]!!!


Law #1: Respect, honor, obey, and protect your master. Law #2: Never involve yourself in a vampire-human relationship with your master. Law #3: Never reveal your true identity.

All Sean had to do was follow the three basic laws, but there was something about this girl, something he felt he had to fix. The world had taken her captive. Her mind and body were lost inside it, and without his help, he wasn’t sure she would survive.

Mylo was just trying to face the world after her brother died. She was trapped in her own skin. The easiest way to suppress her pain was to drown herself in booze and with parties. But Sean gave her attention and taught her about the Guardian Society, what it was created for, and that’s when it all changed…


For more information on J.D. Kirkland, check out her Goodreads profile here, or her super awesome blog here 🙂


Check out my review of this book here.

Go and grab your copy today using the link below!

Goodreads |Amazon


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