Macchiato Monday’s Manly Male Character of the Week!

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Hello guys and welcome to another segment of Macchiato Monday’s Manly Male Character of the Week! Today’s feature highlights  (as you guessed it) the manliest of all manly YA male fiction character of the week :) Each time we engage in a book or two, some of us, engaging in more books than others, and once in awhile, there’s just that one male character that just steals our hearts away! Whether he’s that kind- hearted Jock, the best friend that’s always there, the rock star who isn’t what people say he is, that enticing vampire with a soul, or Death himself. There’s just something about these guys that attracts us and we honestly can’t help it. So without further ado, let’s meet our Manly- Male Character of the week!

This week’s Manly- Male Character is…


Shane Maxton from Fall from Grace!!! 

Where do I even begin with guy??? Seriously?! OK so for those who have read the book would definitely know what I’ll be talking about when I say that this devilishly charming rock star of New York is definitely more than meets the eye. Yeah, sure he comes off as the cocky rock star god that sleeps with every girl that throws herself at him, but trust me, he has a very, very deep and sensitive side. Any girl would be lucky- and I mean so lucky to snag this guy’s heart. Plus, who can resist that bod! Once you get past that stone- cold- hearted persona, this  can be really passionate and very loving. The roles will definitely switch once you hold this guy’s heart. He’ll be more than willing to go out of his way to keep you happy and… satisfied 😉 The point is, deep down this guy is not as shallow as he makes it seem- he’s deep, definitely deeper than the Mariana’s Trench. 

Want more proof? Here is one of my favorite sexy Shane quotes!

“I wake up with you as the last thought in my dreams. I dream about your lips, the smell of your skin and hair, and the freaking fire that burms inside of me to be inside you. I want to bury myself inside you and never climb out, my sweet death. Grace, I’m fucking in love with you.” 

There you have it! Shane Maxton from Fall from Grace! Thanks for checking out this week’s segment of Macchiato Monday. Check in every Monday for the week’s manly- male character of the week!

Interested in Fall from Grace? Still debating whether or not you should grab a copy? Check out my reviews on the series to help you decide 🙂 


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