Cafe Latte Friday’s Fantastic Female Character of the Week!



Friday is finally here! Welcome everybody to Books and Iced Coffee’s Cafe Latte Friday’s Fantastic Female Character of the Week!

In today’s feature, we will focus on our favorite heroines from our favorite YA novels. We will get to know what makes today’s leading lady so…soo… FANTASTIC! 

So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I would like to present to you, today’s fantastic female of the week!

This week’s Fantastic Female of the Week is…


Pagan Moore

Ms. Pagan Moore is our leading heroine from Abbi Gline’s amazing Existence Trilogy! What makes her fantastic you ask? Well, aside from being Death’s main squeeze, she has a heart of gold! She deeply cares for those she truly loves. As we saw in the trilogy, she was there for her friends, her past lovers as well as for her current lover:). How can she be anymore fantastic? Oh yeah, did I mention how strong and willful this female is? She’s been dragged down, as a hostage, into a world that is completely different than ours and for the sake of her loved ones, she did what she had to do to save and protect them! As the plot began to unravel, we see Ms. Moore develop into a character that is admirable for being caring and willful that captured all of our hearts.

That’s it for today’s feature! Please tune in next week for our next Fantastic Female of the Week! 


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