Macchiato Monday’s Manly- Male Character of the Week!

Woo-hoo! Welcome to the first post of Macchiato Monday’s Manly- Male Character of the Week!

This day is all about (as you guessed it) the manliest of all manly YA male fiction character of the week πŸ™‚ Each time we engage in a book or two, some of us, engaging in more books than others, and once in awhile, there’s just that one male character that just steals our hearts away! Whether he’s that kind- hearted Jock, the best friend that’s always there, the rock star who isn’t what people say he is, that enticing vampire with a soul, or Death himself. There’s just something about these guys that attracts us and we honestly can’t help it. So without further ado, let’s meet our Manly- Male Character of the week!

This week’s man is…

What’s so special about Dank Walker you may ask? Well, he’s the main male characters in Abbi Glines’ Existence Trilogy, who also goes by Death. Yup. Death. You know, the one that claims the soul of those who had died and helps them move on to their next life? Yep, he’s that dude. In addition to those smoldering blue eyes and the body of a God, he is also a rock star- a very, talented, highly coveted rock star. WHAT?! You can’t expect the guy to be collecting souls all the time right? He has those eyes, the body, the voice, the talent- what more can you possibly ask for? Oh yeah, let’s not forget how possessive he can be when it comes to his main squeeze, Pagan Moore. He’s not like loony- crazy possessive, but that kind of protective- possessive- in- a- good- way kind of thing. Dank is always about making things the way Pagan would want it to be, making sure that she’s safe, happy and gets whatever she wants. He rarely ever asked her for anything, except for those passionate, intimate moments when he needs to beg for more than just a kiss from her πŸ™‚

Here is one of my favorite Dank moments from Predestined, Book 2 of the series:

I felt a wetness in my eyes and I blinked confused from the strange sensation. A small trickle of water rand down my cheek. I stared into the darkness as I held Pagan in my arms in amazement Death had just shed a tear.

You see, Death does have the ability to love and because of that, it made us fall in love with him as well πŸ™‚ As a special treat, here’s a video of one of Dank’s songs from the trilogy. The lyrics are so so awesome! I hope you guys like it.


Thanks for checking out the first Macchiato Monday post. Check in every Monday for the week’s manly- male character of the week!

 photo purpledots.png

Interested in the Existence trilogy? Still debating whether or not you should grab a copy? Check out my reviews on the series to help you decide πŸ™‚Β 


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