Point Blank

Point BlankTitle: Point Blank

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Series #: Book # 2 of the Alex Rider Adventure

Publisher: Penguin Puff

Release Date: 2001

# of Pages: 274


MI6 assigns Alex Rider, 14, undercover at an elite prep school for teen rebels after two fathers are assassinated. Principal Dr Grief and vicious cigar-smoking Mrs Stellenbosch are the only teachers. All the students act studious, perfect – and identical. When Alex finds the plot, the villains find him, and the mountain peak has only a black ski run escape.

My Thoughts

I am seriously loving this series and I’m only on the second book! Anthony Horowitz did another fantastic job in taking his audience through another thrilling Alex Rider mission. In this second installment of the Alex Rider adventure, Alex is once again summoned by the heads of the Special Operations department to investigate and report on two mysterious deaths that were somehow connected to an elite academy in the French Alps. Upon arrival he meets the academy’s found, Dr. Grief and his assistant Mrs. Stellenboch. Throughout his stay in the academy he befriends a couple of the academy’s students who first started out as rebellious but soon turned obedient and complacent practically overnight. After a thorough investigation, Alex soon discovers Dr. Grief’s evil plot to become the most powerful man in the world and to reinstate apartheid globally.

See, like I said awesome! Aside from Alex, I think Smithers would have to be one of my favorite. I absolutely love all the gadgets he equips Alex with for every mission. In this book, my favorite gadget would definitely have to be the Harry Potter book with a single- shot tranquilizer. Why just one shot though? I think that having more than one tranquilizer would have helped him. But all turned out well so… READ THE BOOK! Every page of this book kept me wanting more and more. With Alex’s skills and talents, I can’t wait to see what his next adventure has in store for us.

My Rating:

BIC Rating System5

Would I recommend this book?: Yes.

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