2370123Title: Stormbreaker

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Series #: Book 1 of the Alex Rider Adventure

Publisher: Penguin Putnam

Release Date: May 21, 2001

# of Pages: 256


They told him his uncle died in a car accident. Fourteen-year-old Alex knows that’s a lie, and the bullet holes in his uncle’s windshield confirm his suspicions. But nothing prepares him for the news that the uncle he always thought he knew was really a spy for MI6—Britain’s top secret intelligence agency. Recruited to find his uncle’s killers and complete his final mission, Alex suddenly finds himself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

My Thoughts

I walked into my local bookstore, yearning for a new book. I didn’t have a particular book in mind I just wanted to walk out of the store with a new book in my hand. So while I was browsing through the shelves, my eye came across this book. The edition that they had in stock (which I spontaneously bought) was being sold at a special price. a price of $2.99! I didn’t know anything about this book besides it’s super awesomely low price and with the design of the cover, I honestly didn’t expect much. But I was proven wrong.

Stormbreaker is about Alex Rider, a normal boy turned super- spy overnight, well not really. Alex’s parents had died when when he was a lot younger and had been taken in by his Uncle Ian, whom he had known to work at a bank all his life. Until the mysterious death of his uncle. It was then Alex had discovered that his uncle was actually an MI6 agent, a spy. In a moment, a life that seemed normal and so safe had changed when Alex is forcibly pulled into a world full of secrets, lies and deceit when Alex was recruited into the same British Intelligence that his uncle had worked for.

Can you believe that? Kids as MI6 agents. I think it’s brilliant because no one would suspect them at all! However, when they are discovered, just imagine the consequences. But anyway, I did not expect this book to be so exciting and full of adventure. It was like reading James Bond when he was a lot younger. The espionage in this story was awesome and the plot was really easy to keep up with. The characters were all interesting as well. I think my favorite (aside from Alex) would be Jack Starbright. Her character is just so easy- going and calm even at the most saddest of times. I was actually kind of surprised at how easy it was for her to not necessarily forget but to let Alex do his own thing with MI6. If I were her, I’d be super worried.

This is the first book that I’ve read by Anthony Horowitz and I’m already looking forward to reading the next installment to the Alex Rider adventure.

My Rating

Would I Recommend this book: Yes.

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